Ethiopia is often referred as “the land of Legends”, possesses a history connected with the legendary Queen of Sheba, who went to Jerusalem in order to visit the wise king of Israel, King Solomon. After her stay in Jerusalem, she gave birth to Menilik I, who founded the Solomonic Dynasty in Ethiopia. He is also the one who brought the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia, which is found in its last resting place, St. Mary Church of Axum.

Ethiopia is a land of contrast with mountain massifs in the north exceeding 4000 metres, deep rivers and big lakes like the Blue Nile, Tekezze and others. The western part has a descended plateau covered with a variety of vegetation and in the eastern part, the Danakil depression, which is 115 metres below sea level, is a desert with active volcanoes and salt lakes.

Ethiopia is a land of Christian civilization, ancient archeological records, a rock art which dates back to 10,000 years, providing precious glimpse into the Stone Age’s socio economic, religious and artistic life, the complex architecture of the then period and several extraordinary facts.

The former Abyssinia and the present Ethiopia, is a multi-ethnic state, where each group has a special characteristics making the country a land of contrast with diverse culture and contrasting people, where each can be of great interest for the study of man.

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